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Rupa Islan
Aug 01, 2022
In Self Help Forum
WeChat has done a perfect job. I want to link everything that can be linked, but I feel that the link between individuals and groups is not enough, and there is a lack of interaction between individuals and groups that are related to society. If you add a group function, you can This problem can be solved very well. The demand for groups is huge. As long as Buy email list the interaction design is good, the management is good, and the interests in the group are fully utilized and utilized, coupled with the huge number of users of WeChat, it is believed that this function will grow exponentially. Stay highly active. Group function point (the difference between group and group chat) 1. Group fuzzy search (such as: basketball, Shenzhen, technology, etc. keywords) Reason: Efficiently search for groups of topics you want to pay attention to and find groups that are commonly associated with you (you can also search for those who have not joined) 2. The group of group chat is acquaintances, and the group of group is strangers Group chat still keeps acquaintances social, the group group is strangers social, you can search for nearby groups like people nearby 3. The group chat function remains unchanged, and the priority is higher than that of the group Click the WeChat group to expand the group interface. The priority of group chat is higher than that of group. Groups are only displayed on the level 2 chat page. 4. There are no restrictions on group chats, the threshold is low VS groups are restricted, and the threshold is high Group chats can be created at will, and you can pull people into the group chat at will without your consent, but the group creation is very strict, and users need to be active for more than 365 days before they can create groups and join groups. The more groups are created, and the purpose of creation, future group management and planning, etc.,
Will groups be the next explosion feature of WeChat?
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Rupa Islan

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