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Our team of seasoned professionals is armed with years of experience that will provide you with the proper materials and processes to ensure your projects success.Reliable serviceChicago Laminating will provide you with a comfort level that your project will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Every time.Questions?Chicago Laminating has the answers. With more than 35 years of experience, Chicago Laminating has the solution to your particular laminating or coating issue. Call us today, we can help.Chicago Laminating is now offeringAntimicrobial FilmChicago Laminating is now offering antimicrobial films that protect against the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi.


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If a roll laminator is what you need we have several very popular models. Our most popular School and Office roll laminator are the GBC Ultima 65 Roll Laminator and the Banner 27" Easy Lam Budget Saver Roll Laminator. We also carry wide format roll laminators such as the Sircle EM-40 40" Roll Laminator for under $2000. Pricing on all of our roll laminator machines are the lowest we can find on the internet. Free Shipping is included on select roll laminating machines. offers a full line of Laminating Pouches, from credit card laminating pouches to the most popular business card laminating pouches, ID -Badge card laminating pouches, luggage tag laminating pouches, letter size laminating pouches up to menu size and X-Large 25" x 37" laminating pouches.. Take advantage of our popular Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on all of our Laminating Pouches. When you calculate the price per 100 on this promotion you'll see the tremendous savings you will receive. is the #1 online source for all of your laminating and binding needs. We carry a large selection of the most innovative and affordable roll laminators, pouch laminators and binding machines for the school, copy shop, print shop, business, church and government markets. Whether looking for a roll laminator, a pouch laminator or a binding machine has the laminating or binding solution for your needs. We also offer a huge supply of roll laminating film for your roll laminator, laminating pouches for your pouch laminator and binding supplies for binding machine. Plus with OUR LOW PRICE GUARANTEE you are assured that your laminating and binding machines and supplies are being purchased at the lowest possible cost to you.

If you have any questions regarding any laminating or binding machines or supplies please feel free to ask us. We have customer service representatives that specialize in both fields and will be more than happy to provide you with assistance. Choose the Live Chat option or

Cold press laminating is desirable when large numbers of like-sized materials need to be glued. The materials used can vary widely. Cold press laminating normally falls into one of three categories: panel-on-frame, veneer/solid core laminating, or high-pressure laminate gluing.

Additional information on cold press laminating can be found in the full version of our Lamination Gluing Guide or by contacting our technical support team. For more information about gluing equipment, please refer to our resources link.

Hot press laminating offers the versatility of pressing many different shaped panels without extensive equipment changes. Hot press gluing generally consists of either all-veneer constructions or solid or composite-core veneer constructions. For best results when using our adhesives in hot press applications, please follow the below guidelines.

Additional information on hot press laminating can be found in the full version of our Lamination Gluing Guide or by contacting our technical support team. For more information about gluing equipment, please refer to our resources link.

We pride ourselves in offering top notch quality services that suit all of your laminating needs. No matter the industry or the end-use, our unmatched product development, along with in-house engineering and fast turn-around time, are proven.

Laminating Pouches/Sleeves/Sheets are fast and the easiest way to Laminate paper yourself. You can insert a card, sheet of paper, or small poster into these pouches and then run through a pouch laminating machine in seconds.

With demand for decorative packaging and in-store displays at an all time high, BOBST with its thirty five year track record in the production of litho-laminating equipment, is able to provide users with lines that deliver both performance and superb finished product quality.

At the leading edge of technology; the BOBST litho-laminating product line continuously invests in both research & development; and its own manufacturing processes, gaining a reputation for producing litho-laminator equipment ranges which, like the products they are used to create, offer added value.

The litho-laminating process is a means of creating corrugated board that has a high quality, litho printed surface. The process may use a reel or individual sheets of corrugated board as the carrier, while the top liner is normally coated paper fed from a pre-printed reel or a stack of individual printed sheets.

The litho-laminating process can be sub-divided into three main types - inline, offline, and sheet to sheet. Some litho-laminating equipment can also be used for stand-alone single-face corrugated production or sheeting.

Not all litho-laminating lines feature a wet end. Each section may require additional handling and processing units which might include sheet feeders, rewinders, sheeters, tear tape applicators, and centerslit units, among others.

The laminating section of a litho-laminator brings together the corrugated substrate, whether formed inline by a single facer, supplied on a reel, or fed as individual sheets, with the printed top paper, which may have been fed as a reel of pre-print or as individual sheets. A gluing unit applies adhesive to the flute tips of the corrugated carrier which the printed top paper is aligned with, and then adhered to. If the litho-laminate is to be delivered as sheets it will then be cut to the required length.

Additionally, a litho-laminating line may be used as a standalone single face corrugator or sheeter, enabling the user to carry out single face rewinding, the production of single face reels and sheets, and the carrying out of single face center cut or centerslit on pre-print and unprinted webs.

The output of a litho-laminating line is a product with high added-value, manufactured at a relatively low cost, and which combines the strength of corrugated board with the printing quality achieved on carton board.

When it comes to delivering the litho-laminating equipment that packaging and display manufacturers need, the Asitrade range from BOBST offers configurations and processes that provide users with superb performance and the very highest finished product quality. Whatever the application, BOBST has a solution designed to give manufacturers the best available production performance and superbly accurate lamination of their products.

Together with printers, print finishers, brand owners and graphic designers we develop unique laminating films capable to make paper-made products stand out, feel differentiated and be chosen by customers.

Get control of your brows! Fluff up and lock stubborn hairs in place with this laminating liquid wax formula that adds volume, texture, and total control to give you fluffy, perfectly polished brows with just the right amount of hold.

Northwest Laminating stocks a wide variety of finishing products for the digital imaging industry. These include substrates, adhesives, overlaminates, print-on medias, and even laminating equipment. Quality, Service, and Value comes with every order, no matter the size. Delivery available (limitations apply).

Northwest Laminating specializes in graphic laminating services and supplies for the print trade and digital imaging industry. We have an array of equipment to provide you with a high quality product. There are many options available and we can help you with our expertise to decide what type of lamination would be best for your project.

What sets us apart? We have dedicated staff with decades of experience, vast product knowledge and extensive inventory. Our focus is on laminating and digital imaging supplies which enables us to skillfully handle your laminating projects. We are committed to finishing your job with quality, promptness, and value. Your success is our success.

Due to our variety of laminating technologies and superior in-house engineering, U.S. Laminating Corp has been able to supply quality laminated materials to different markets such as healthcare, outerwear, footwear, automotive, marine, industrial and acoustical. We also offer flame lamination, hot roll laminating, adhesive lamination, fabric to foam laminating, roll to roll lamination, barrier lamination and non-woven lamination.

U.S. Laminating Corp. is able to ship both domestically and internationally. We specialize in flame laminating and can adhere to custom specifications. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today and learn more about our custom lamination services! The number for our office is 631-567-0300. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and quote!

Located on Long Island, NY, our business is laminating foams, non-wovens, fabrics, and films for almost every industry and end-use. We specialize in flame lamination and ship to businesses around both the country and the world.

We supply quality laminating and converting services to manufacturers of medical, industrial, and consumer products. We offer great, custom lamination services and many different industries use our trustworthy services.

Contact our friendly sales staff via phone, email or fill out our quick contact form today to see what we can do for you. We will gladly answer any laminating questions you may have, as well as discuss pricing options. 041b061a72

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